Song PDFSaxTrumpetSong MP3Live MP3
24 Karat Magicn/an/aMP3n/a
25 Or 6 To 4SaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Ain’t It Funn/an/aMP3n/a
Ain’t To Proud To BegSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
All Right NowSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Any Way You Want Itn/an/aMP3n/a
At LastSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Auld Lange SyneSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Baby I Love Your WaySaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Bad GirlsSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
BeachBoys Medleyn/an/an/an/a
Beat Itn/an/aMP3n/a
Better Togethern/an/aMP3n/a
Blame It On The BoogieSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Boogie On Reggae WomanSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Boogie Oogien/an/aMP3Live MP3
Boogie Oogie OogieSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Boogie Woogie BugleSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Born On The Bayoun/an/aMP3n/a
Born To Wildn/an/aMP3n/a
BrickhouseSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Broken Heartedn/an/aMP3n/a
Brown Eyed GirlSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Brown SugarSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Cake By The Oceann/an/aMP3n/a
California Gurlsn/an/aMP3Live MP3
Can’t Help Falling in Loven/an/aMP3Live MP3
Can’t Stop The Feelingn/an/aMP3n/a
Car Washn/an/aMP3n/a
Chain of FoolsSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Chicken Dancen/an/aMP3n/a
China GroveSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Cold SweatSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Come And Get Your Loven/an/aMP3n/a
Corazon EspinadoSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Crazy – Patsyn/an/aMP3Live MP3
Crazy in LoveSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Dancing In The Streetsn/an/aMP3n/a
December 1963 (Oh What A Night)n/an/aMP3n/a
Disco InfernoSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Domino Sax TrumpetMP3Live MP3
Domino Jessie Jn/an/aMP3n/a
Don?t Chan/an/aMP3n/a
Don’t Stop Believingn/an/aMP3Live MP3
Dont Know Whyn/an/aMP3Live MP3
Down On The Cornern/an/aMP3n/a
Drive Byn/an/aMP3n/a
Endless Loven/an/aMP3n/a
Everybody’s EverythingSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Feel It Stilln/an/aMP3n/a
Fly Me to the MoonSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Fooled Around Fell in Loven/an/aMP3n/a
Forget YouSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Game Of LoveSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Get Down TonightSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Girl From IpanemaSaxn/aMP3Live MP3
Givin It Up For Your LoveSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Good Girln/an/a MP3n/a
Got To Be RealSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Guitars Cadillacsn/an/aMP3n/a
Happy BirthdaySaxTrumpetn/an/a
Hard to HandleSaxTrumpet MP3n/a
Heat Waven/an/aMP3n/a
Here For The PartySaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Highway To Helln/an/aMP3n/a
Hit Me Best ShotSaxn/aMP3n/a
Honky Tonk WomanSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Hora Medley SaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
I Could Not Ask For Moren/an/aMP3n/a
I Heard It Through the GrapevineSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
I Love Rock n Rolln/an/aMP3Live MP3
I Love This Barn/an/aMP3n/a
I Loved Her Firstn/an/aMP3n/a
I Saw Her Standing ThereSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
I Shot The Sheriffn/an/aMP3n/a
I Want You BackSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
I Will SurviveSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
I WishSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
I’ll Be AroundSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
I’m So ExcitedSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
I’ve Got Friends In Low Placesn/an/aMP3n/a
If I Aint Got YouSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
In Case You Didn’t Known/an/aMP3n/a
In My HouseSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
In the MoodSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
It’s Your ThingSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Just Dance-Tik Tokn/an/aMP3Live MP3
Just The Way You Aren/an/aMP3n/a
Just The Way You Aren/an/aMP3n/a
Kansas CitySaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
KissSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Knock on WoodSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Ladies NightSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Lady MarmaladeSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Last Friday Nightn/an/aMP3n/a
Le FreakSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Let’s Get It OnSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Let’s Hear It For The BoySaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Let’s Stay TogetherSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Lido ShuffleSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Lightsn/an/aMP3Live MP3
Lips Are Movin’n/an/aMP3n/a
Living on a Prayern/an/aMP3Live MP3
Locked Out of HeavenSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Long Train RunningSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Love Is Aliven/an/aMP3n/a
Love On TopSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Love RollercoasterSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Love ShackSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Love TrainSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
MargaritavilleSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Maybe I’m Amazedn/an/aMP3n/a
Mean To Men/an/aMP3n/a
Moves Likes JaggerSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Mr Big StuffSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Mustang SallySaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
My Baby Girln/an/aMP3n/a
My GirlSaxTrumpetn/an/a
My Little Girln/an/aMP3n/a
My Wishn/an/aMP3n/a
Natural WomanSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Night TrainSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Old Time Rock n RollSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Payin’ The Cost To Be The Bossn/an/aMP3n/a
Play That Funky MusicSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Play That Funky MusicSaxTrumpetn/an/a
Poker Facen/an/aMP3Live MP3
Proud MarySaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Purple Rainn/an/aMP3n/a
Rather Ben/an/aMP3n/a
RespectSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Rock And Rolln/an/aMP3n/a
Rock SteadySaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Route 66SaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Runaway BabySaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Sara SmileSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
SeptemberSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Shake It Offn/an/aMP3n/a
Shake Your Body DownSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Shaky GroundSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Shut Up And Dance With Men/an/aMP3Live MP3
Signed-SealedSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Sing a SongSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
SmoothSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Smooth OperatorSaxn/aMP3Live MP3
Something Like Thatn/an/aMP3n/a
Son Of A Preacher ManSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Soul ManSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Stand By Men/an/aMP3Live MP3
Still Got the BluesSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
SuperstitionSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
Surfin’ USAn/an/aMP3n/a
Sweet CarolineSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Sweet Child O Minen/an/aMP3n/a
Sweet Home Alabaman/an/aMP3Live MP3
Sweet Home Chicagon/an/aMP3n/a
Sweet ThingSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Takin’ Care Of Businessn/an/aMP3n/a
Tell MamaSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Tell Me Bout ItSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
That’s Amoren/an/aMP3n/a
That’s How strong My Love Isn/an/aMP3n/a
The LetterSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
The Rosen/an/aMP3n/a
The Way U Move-Dont ChaSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
The Way You Look TonightSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Thinking Out Loudn/an/aMP3n/a
This Is How We Do Itn/an/aMP3n/a
This Must Be The Placen/an/aMP3n/a
This Will BeSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Tik Tokn/an/aMP3n/a
Tomorrow- Annien/an/aMP3n/a
Two Princesn/an/aMP3n/a
Unchain My HeartSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Uptown FunkSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
Valdez In The Countryn/an/aMP3n/a
Walking on SunshineSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3
We are FamilySaxTrumpetMP3n/a
What a Wonderful WorldSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
What Does It Taken/an/aMP3n/a
What I Gotn/an/aMP3n/a
When I Say I Don/an/aMP3n/a
When The Saintsn/an/aMP3n/a
Where You Leadn/an/aMP3n/a
Wild Nightn/an/aMP3n/a
Wipe Outn/an/aMP3n/a
Workin Day And NightSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
You Got the LoveSaxTrumpetMP3n/a
You Shook Men/an/aMP3Live MP3
Your Mama Don’t DanceSaxTrumpetMP3Live MP3