Janeece Marmolejo

Janeece Marmolejo, Groove Docotors, Bay Area Band

Lead Vocals

Janeece’s passion for music has been a part of her for her entire life. Growing up in the diversity of the Bay Area has exposed her to many different types of music and she has developed a love for several genres. Janeece does, however, favor Rhythm and Blues over all. Although she was initially very timid when she performed, She has grown to be most comfortable on stage singing in front of the people she loves.

Janeece began singing professionally at the age of 16 (she doesn’t think singing for the UPS guy at the age of 3 counts). With the help of one of the best vocal instructors around, she has amplified her vocal abilities significantly since her earlier years of singing and she hopes to continue to do so with every performance.

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