“Shallow” Hal Miller

Keyboads & Lead Vocals

Hal is a native Californian and grew up in southern Calif. He has been playing the piano since age 6 and guitar since age 13. Moving to northern Calif, he later earned a degree in Music Composition from Cal-State Univ-Hayward (when not asleep in class from a late night gig) during which time he played Hammond organ in local bands. Music influences include: Beatles, 60’s Brit-pop, Beach Boys, Byrds, Ventures, Chicago, BS&T, Tower (love the horn sections), Santana, Yes, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Police, Hall & Oates, Carpenters, Booker T, Stevie, Lee Michaels, Elton (early), Steely, Doobies, Jimmy Smith, Brian Auger, Stax label, Guaraldi, Gershwin, Copeland (Stuart & Aaron).

While maintaining a career in software sales, Hal is also active in his church music program and performs with local gospel artists Laurie Kinsella and Cynthia Beckman. A composer and arranger, he has co-written nearly all of the music with Cynthia on her soon-to-be-released second album. His other performing project has been fronting a classic rock band since 1999, along with various ensembles and recording sessions. Hal plays keyboards and guitar (right-brain/left-brain thing) and sings lead and background vocals.

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