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Why Wireless Mics are Great

Dr Sing Johnson Wedding 7-7-01

Dr Dave singing at a Wedding circa 2001

In a previous blog about what makes a great Dance Party Band  I mentioned that besides just playing great dance tunes, The GROOVE Doctors help guests/patrons have a great time by  interacting with the audience.  One way we do that is by having wireless mics and wireless instruments which allows us to leave the stage and mix it up with the crowd. Wireless mics are also a necessity when you are a  private party band such as we are because people need to make speeches and not everyone wants to come up to the stage, many people prefer to be by their seat or on the dance floor when addressing a crowd. After all, for some people this is the only time they are addressing a crowd.

Dr on Dance Floor 2-5-05

Dr Dave on the Dance Floor

Traditionally mics had cables that ran back to the mixing board and then on to the PA system, and instruments had cables that ran back to amps.  For the last 25 years or so both mics and instruments have had wireless versions. I have been playing bass in bands since 1992 and I was an early adapter of wireless systems. For bass it was because I moved around so much when I played I was constantly tripping on the cord that went from my bass to my amp. At private parties the wireless mics were to help  with speeches and crowd interaction.

Dr Dave Serenading the Crowd

Dr Dave Serenading the Crowd

My “fun factor” probably went up 10-fold once I was able to leave the stage and go into the crowd with my bass. Some things like keyboards and drums can’t leave the stage, but guitars, bass and vocals can. Too bad for those static instruments. I love going up to a group of people with my wireless bass and standing behind someone while I play. Their friends then get that person’s attention and when they turn around the expression on their face is absolutely priceless. It starts with surprise, then there is a smile, followed by dancing along. Some enthusiastic souls try to play my bass which I have to discourage, after all, bass is party of the “engine” of a band along with the drum and we have to keep the beat going.

If you want to to have great crowd interaction and wireless mics for speeches at your next private party event be sure to call Dr. Dave  (925) 487-3572 to hire the GROOVE Doctors.

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