Groove Doctors Dance Party Band Blog:
Sound Engineer at Every Performance

The GROOVE Doctors,  a dance party band located in the  San Francisco Bay Area, bring a Sound Engineer to every performance we do. That goes for nightclubs as well as private parties. Sound engineers are expensive, often earning twice what the members of the band earn for playing. So why do we bring a sound engineer to every performance? Because we care about pleasing our clients. As it says in the 1st sentence on our Home Page,  we make our client’s “happiness the top item on our list of priorities.”

Dave at Cherry Festival 6-07

Dr Dave Running the Mixing Board – Cherry Fesitval

I guess it is a money thing with some bands, but I don’t get why they don’t bring a soundman to their gigs. It is really simple…bands just sound better when they have a someone mixing their sound. It is often ok for a small 3 or 4 piece band with one lead vocalist to run their own PA system, but a big  band such as the Dr’s have too many different “lead voices” to get away with doing that. Just balancing our 3 singers being lead on one song and then backup on another is a big task, but we also have solos by guitar, keys, sax and trumpet which makes them the “lead voice” at that time.

Making our client’s happiness the top item on our list or priorities is also the reason that we bring lights to every private party event. The lights not only help set the mood for the event, but the 2nd person we add to the sound & light team for private parties helps in many ways. At many private parties due to the layout of the room the sound engineer needs to mix the sound from “side of stage”, literally he is to the side of the stage. This creates a problem since it sounds much different for the guests out front who are hearing the main PA speakers. The lights helper can go out front and give the sound engineer hand signals to help balance the sound so that it sounds great for the guests.

Once again, a lights helper is an added expense but the GROOVE Doctors incur this expensive to help create a great experience for our guests. Having a lights helper also allows someone to be at the mixing board for the whole event. This allows for control over the DJ music during the cocktail/dinner hours and band breaks, and it also lets them be ready with a wireless mic in case someone needs to make an unplanned announcement.

If you want to to have exceptional sound & lights at your next private party event be sure to call Dr. Dave  (925) 487-3572 to hire the GROOVE Doctors.

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