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Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps

The GROOVE Doctors drummer for the last 9 years, Tony Odello, comes from a very musical family. His parents founded the  Concord Blue Devils in 1957, an internationally acclaimed Drum & Bugle Corps. The main organization for drum & bugle corps is the  Drum Corps International (DCI), known as “Marching Music’s Major Leagues.” The”Super Bowl” of    drum & bugle corps is the DCI World Championship, which the Blue Devils “A” squad has finished in the Top 5 for the last 29 consecutive years (talk about consistency), and which they have  won an unprecedented 15 times.


Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corp

Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corp

I remember vividly the first time I watched the DCI World Championship, which gets an estimated 500,000 viewers every year. There were 5 final bands that were featured and the first four were good, but then the Blue Devils came on and they were INCREDIBLE!!! The power of their sound just jumped out of my TV screen (good thing I had big home stereo speakers). It was like being at a concert where you can feel the pressure of the bass against your chest, and the precision of their movements was amazing.

Tony marched in the Blue Devils for 18 years and his brother  Rick, his sister Annette and four of his nephews are still involved.  I went to Saratoga High School in Saratoga, CA and 220 out of 2,000 students were in the marching band, or every 9th student who attended the school. I marched in the band all 4 years I was there and it was some of the most fun I had while in school, plus it helped me forge friendships with people that I still am in contact with 30+ years after graduating.

Not only is it fun to be in something like a marching band, it can help a child with many aspects of their life. As the Blue Devils web site says “The experience that comes with participation in a performing arts organization builds discipline, character, pride, and self-confidence at a crucial age and forms the springboard to even greater achievements in adulthood.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

If you are interested in having your child participate in the Blue Devils visit the web site, call them at  925.689.2918 or via e-mail at  If you want have a great dance party band play for your event  call Dr. Dave at (925) 487-3572 to hire the GROOVE Doctors  .

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