Groove Doctors Dance Party Band Blog:
How We Choose Songs

In an earlier blog I mentioned how much people enjoy the diverse song list of the GROOVE Doctors,  a dance party band located in the  San Francisco Bay Area. So how does our band choose what songs to play given that we have such a huge variety of styles of music we play such as  Motown, Soul, Disco, Funk, Rock n ‘Roll and Modern Hits?  (Plus Ballads, Swing, Latin, Standards, Jazz, Special Occasion and Wedding songs  at private parties). The short answer is the band members make suggestions and I have the final say.

The # 1 criteria for all the songs we choose is that they have to be great dance tunes. I turn down suggestions for fantastic songs that might have been #1 hits but which don’t work well as a dance tune. Even if a song passes basic the basic dance test (i.e. I put the song on and try dancing to it), if we learn it and play it 3 or 4 times and it doesn’t get people dancing then I put it in the “Graveyard.” We are, after all, a Dance Party Band and we get hired to get people dancing, whether at a nightclub or at a private party such as a corporate event, wedding, fundraiser, birthday party or anniversary celebration. Heck, we even get people dancing at festivals, which is not all that common for bands to be able to do.

The other thing that each song needs is for one of the singers to really want to sing it. In a cover band such as the GROOVE Doctors  the most difficult thing for the musicians is for the lead singer to connect with the song, the instrumentalists have a much easier time catching the feel of the  original  musician on the recording. If the lead singer doesn’t get it right in a cover band let’s face it, the song just doesn’t sound very good.

If you want to hear our our singers connect with the songs come on out to a public GROOVE Doctors show, our Schedule Page  has a full list of our performances plus  maps to the venues. Or you can hear us by calling Dr. Dave at (925) 487-3572 to hire the GROOVE Doctors to play at your event.

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